Posted by: Rob Rascally | November 16, 2007

Pizza and schwarma and sushi, oh my!

Yeah. guess what?  People who visit Vancouver for the first time, seem to often think that’s the only kinds of eateries allowed within the city.  Hell, McDonalds is impossible to find compared to those three.  And sure, there’s some great cheap pizza slaveries…some amazing schwarma at some places run by magicians in the art of Lebanese cooking, and hell. I’m a sushi addict. I admit it. (But the 12 step program for it turned out to be the menu items I was ordering…damnit.)

But I digress.  Vancouver is one of the top cities in the world.  And damnit, there’s SO many good places to eat around town that never get noticed.  Be it cheap, pricey, fast food, takes hours to get it, whatever.  I’m just some average guy, who lives in this waaay above-average city, who’s passionate about food.  I love to cook, I love to eat.  I’m up for almost any new place to try out.  I’ve always been that way, and so I hope to bring you new inspiration for when you’re any kind of hungry.  Maybe some of the places you’ll have already known about.

But I bet some of the places you’ll have never known were there…and probably there right across the street, or around the corner from you, this whole time…and you never knew.

Cheers. 🙂